October 16 is a day that I will remember forever, my anniversary! Kyle made it possible for me to re-live this day over and over again! Kyle's quality is second to none! Kyle was extremely professional and was great with communication pre and post wedding. I would definitely recommend him to anyone! Bridgett & Jared; Huntsville Botanical Garden; Huntsville, Alabama


I love seeing clients decorate their homes with photos from our session! Imagine having awesome shots like these around your home!


I am a published and award winning wedding photographer and videographer. That's a line I never would have imagined would describe myself.

Honestly if you would have told me in 1999 when I started this with 2 buddies of mine that I'd still be doing it 20 years later, I would not have believed you. (This was supposed to just be a quick gig to earn some money to take fun trips around the country!) Then on top of that, I would never have imagined the friends I would make on this journey. It has truly been quite an experience meeting so many folks from so many different walks of life and hearing their stories. When you think about it, story is really all we have. My story defines me. Your story defines you. Each one is different and powerful in its own way. Having literally hundreds and hundreds of people trust my team and I to tell their story for generations to come has been a true honor that we are grateful for. I look forward to talking with you about your wedding and how I can tell your story.

It has been an honor to be published multiple times for wedding and conceptual work in Shutter Magazine, one of the photography industry's leading magazines. Submitting artwork and having it selected for publication is always an amazing thing! I have also received a merit award for artwork submitted to image competition. That is an incredible honor to receive accolades and acknowledgement from your peers as they judge your work. My work in weather and landscape photography has also received note from Florida State Parks, Hilton Hotels, Aqua Condos in Panama City Beach, The Weather Channel, Weather Nation, and multiple news agencies across the United States.


In 2013 I got saved and became a Christian. I repented (asked for forgiveness for my sins and vowed to fight them moving forward) and asked God to save me. I was broken and defeated. It was an incredible life altering experience that has changed my life. People often ask, "How do you know you're a Christian?" The easiest way I can explain it is, you will hate what you once loved, and you will love what you once hated. When a person is saved, their life immediately takes a new trajectory. It is a complete 180. Instantly. It is not a process. It is instant. Will you still make mistakes and sin? Yes. But the difference is you are actively waging war against these things - lying, lusting, cheating, stealing, blasphemy, adultery... the 10 commandments basically. It is a lifelong battle and is the process of sanctification (becoming more Christ-like).

For more information, I recommend checking out Pastor John MacArthur's sermons from Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA. They have an app in the app store called "Grace To You" and it is incredible. Click the image for the link to the website.

I also recommend listening to the Wretched Podcast. They also have a great website and do a TV show as well. Click the image for the link to the website.

I also support 3 ministries that spread hope and the gospel and those are linked as well if you're looking for solid charities to support. Click the image for the links to the websites.


When it comes to being successful at things, I have to say I owe a lot to Dave Ramsey. I found him back in 2001 and have been doing what he says. I cut up all my credit cards in 2001 and haven't used one since. My wife and I paid off our house in 2010 and have been able to enjoy the benefits of debt free living since that time. It is truly life changing. When it comes to investing, I have also followed his advice and it works. It is super simple! If you have questions about money and life, Dave Ramsey and his network are a good place to start.


It is a big party and learning experience and gets its own page with a mini history of my experiences there: Kyle's Shutterfest Page

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