I am fortunate enough to have worked with some of the best wedding vendors in North Alabama. We have teamed up to provide you with helpful tips and things to consider for your wedding. I hope you find this information helpful as you plan your wedding! ~ Kyle

4 Wedding Planning Tips

by Kristen Bentley

Simpson's Florist, Decatur Alabama

  1. Splurge on whatever item is the most important to YOU!
    What is the most important part of the wedding to you? The dress? Photography? Flowers? I have so many brides tell me after the fact that they wish they had splurged on one of these items - because it was what was the most important. Don worry so much with what online planning blogs tell you how much each category should cost, because you are going to spend more on the categories that are more important. It's your day, so make it all about you two!

  2. Need to save some money? - Trim your guest list.
    If you are on a budget, trim your guest list. It can save you thousands of dollars on the combination of venue, invitations, food, centerpieces, etc.

  3. Hire a wedding coordinator.
    We always recommend hiring a day of wedding coordinator. You want to enjoy your wedding day, right? Having a coordinator or planner is the best way to ensure the bride and her family get to enjoy the day because the coordinator handles all the scheduling and stresses for you.

  4. Remember, no wedding is going to go absolutely perfect.
    At some point, whether it is the night before or the day of, something is going to go wrong. Do not let it ruin your day. Emotions run high for weddings. Relax and remember how awesome it is to be marrying the love of your life! Just remember that at the end of the day, the ceremony of you, your groom, and God are all that matter!

About Simpson's Florist

Simpson's Florist is a 3rd generation family owned business. Since 1957, Simpson's Florist has provided flower and design services for countless weddings, events, and individuals in North Alabama. Current owners David and Kristen bought the shop in 2008, where they are bringing up the 4th generation, 5 year old Lucy, who has a passion for flowers that may one day surpass her parents'!

Kristen Bentley and Sarah Beth Greenbaum complete Simpson's amazing design team. Though other staff may take orders, deliver the designs, nothing is leaving this shop with out the approval of one of our head designers, or David Bentley, shop owner. We look forward to designing for you!

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