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Makeup Artist Tips

by Nancy Finnegan

Nancy Finnegan MUA, Huntsville Alabama

Hiring a MUA has many advantages for wedding day. Very often people think they can do their own makeup well or have a good friend that does, but here are some things to think consider being trying to do it on your own:

  1. This is a special day, you are in a special dress...THE dress!! It is wedding day and that requires a special, yet you, makeup look!

  2. A makeup artist is prepared for whatever might happen with the weather that day. Different makeup is required for different types of weather in order to be long lasting and best applied.

  3. Every bride wants to look her best on wedding day, too often that is when the skin will not behave it's best. A good makeup artist is prepared with the right products in her caddy to solve whatever problems may arise.

  4. It is very important for the bridal party to get their makeup done too. The bride has taken the time to strategically plan the look of the wedding and that should include the appearance of the bridal party too. A photo can get ruined if some of the bridal party uses their own makeup and it is reflective in photos and that can be too hard (or impossible) for the photographer to edit and fix, therefore more costly for the bride in the end. It can also ruin some of the unification and overall look of the photos.

  5. Getting makeup done for the bride, moms, and bridal party allows them to be accounted for on wedding day, which can result in less stress and remaining on time with the days schedule.

  6. A professional makeup artist knows which products, for example false lashes, will look best in photos so that you do not look washed out or overdone. It is also important that she uses what will last and what products will not interfere with others or your skin

About Nancy

I am a professional makeup artist with 10 yrs experience. I work both out of my Studio in Downtown Huntsville as well as on location. My specialties include weddings, professional photos, commercials and videos. I also book for special occasions and teach make up lessons.


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