What is Shutterfest?

Shutterfest is a photography conference that is held in downtown St. Louis in April. Every year, some 2500 photographers from around the world converge for this epic 72 hour learning and shooting extravaganza at the stunning Hilton Union Station Hotel. We are a crazy group and there isn't a lot of sleep that happens over those 3 days.

What is this selfie story?

Prior to April 2017 I had never taken a selfie. I actually hate being on camera. But 2017 was a very special year for me. It was the first time I had ever attended a conference of any kind. Since everything was new, I thought it would be a neat thing to actually try and document this adventure by doing some selfies. I was totally uncomfortable but I did manage to snap a few. Fortunately, I had met Elizabeth (our first model) and she was instrumental in helping me with the art of the selfie! :) It has now become a crazy tradition for me that Shutterfest is pretty much the only time I ever take a selfie and I must take it with someone else in the frame.

SF17 also marked the beginning of what would become life long friendships that I will be forever thankful for. If I had to describe Shutterfest in one word, well two words, it would be, "Life-Altering". It's just something you must experience.

Project Obscura Feb 2018 - I was selected to attend this amazing workshop in Las Vegas! I was a little apprehensive about going, but am so thankful I did because I met so many great folks and was able to create one of the most amazing images ever on the Vegas strip!

Shutterfest April 2018 was what I would call selfie mania. I had just come off of Project Obscura in Las Vegas 2 months before Shutterfest and while there were some selfies at Obscura, it was nothing like Shutterfest! One image that describes the 2018 event:

Shutterfest April 2019 continued the epic selfie madness! What an incredible time we had learning new skills and improving on what we already knew. More friends made and great fun all around!

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