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decatur wedding photographer - the weeden house

The Weeden House in Huntsville AL is a great wedding venue!

Built in 1819,the same year Alabama became a state, the Weeden House is the oldest public house museum in Alabama. The house was home to several distinguished Huntsville owners before the Weeden family purchased it in 1845. Maria Howard Weeden was born in the house in 1846. The Weeden House is home to the artwork of Howard Weeden. She is credited as being one of the first Americans to paint African Americans true to life.

Decatur Alabama Wedding Photographer

Looking for incredible wedding photos and something out of the ordinary? Then you're in the right spot! We are so lucky to have an amazing array of wedding venues in the North Alabama area and I've worked at the most popular ones! Let's get you some stunning wedding images.

Location: 00 Gates Ave SE Huntsville AL.

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